World Record Holders

Achilles members who have held world records. All records after 1910 are ratified by the IAAF. An asterix (*) indicates an Olympic record

1876M.J. BrooksHigh Jump6ft. 21/2 in.
1888F.J.K. Cross880 yards01:54.4
1893C.B. FryLong Jump23ft. 61/2 in.
1905W.W. CoeShot Put49ft 6in
1910G. R. L. Anderson440 yards hurdles56.8
1915N. S. TaberOne mile04:12.6
1920 {W. R. Milligan4 x 880 yds relay07:50.4
 {B. G. d'U. Rudd
1924*W. E. Stevenson4 x 400m relay03:16.0
1931J. F. Cornes4 x 1,500m relay15:55.6
1932J. E. Lovelock1,320 yards03:02.2
1932*T. Hampson800 metres01:49.8
1933J. E. LovelockOne mile04:07.6
1936*J. E. Lovelock1,500 metres03:47.8
1953 {C. J. Chataway4 x 1 mile relay16:41.0
 {R. G. Bannister
1953D. C. Law4 x 1,500m relay15:27.2
1954R. G. BannisterOne mile03:59.4
1954C. J. ChatawayThree miles13:32.2
1954C. J. Chataway5,000 metres13:51.6
1955C. J. ChatawayThree miles13:23.2
1968*D. P. Hemery400m hurdles48.1
1874E. J. DavisLong jump22ft. 101/2 in.
1889H. C. L. Tindall440 yards48.5
1898W. E. Lutyens1,000 yards01:14.8
1920{H. B. Stallard4 x 880 yds relay07:50.4
{W. G. Tatham
1921E. D. Mountain500 metres01:05.6
1924*H. M. Abrahams4 x 100m relay42
1926G. M. Butler300 yards30.6
1926D. G. A. Lowe600 yards01:10.4
1927Lord Burghley440 yds hurdles54.2
1928*G.C. Weightman-Smith110m hurdles14.6
1958H.J. ElliottOne mile03:54.5
1958H.J. Elliott1500 metres03:36.0
1959H.J. Elliott4 x 1 mile Relay16:25.6
1960H.J. Elliott150 metres03:35.6
1965T. F. K. Johnston30,000 metres1.32:34.6
1966W. A. Mottley4 x 440 yards relay03:02.8