The Paul Gomme Trophy

Awarded for the best performance in the Field Events Match until 1989 and thereafter for the best performance in a throwing event in any inter-varsity competition during the year .

Paul Gomme, winner of the Shot Put at the Varsity Matches of 1979 and 1980, died of cancer in 1983.

1986Nigel Spivey (Cam)
1987(Not Awarded)
1988Halcyon Wills (Ox)
1989Emma Westlake (Ox)
1990Anthony Hatton (Ox)
1991Alastair Munt (Cam) and Anthony Hatton (Ox)
1992Anthony Hatton (Ox)
1993Malcolm Croad (Ox)
1994Malcolm Croad (Ox) and Sarah Winckless (Cam)
1995Sarah Winckless (Cam)
1996Sarah Winckless (Cam)
1997Rachel Stott (Cam)
1998Pierre Faber (Ox)
1999Pierre Faber (Ox)
2000Steve Melber (Ox)
2001Graeme Mackay (Ox)
2002James MacFarlane (Ox)
2003Jenny Duff (Ox)
2004James MacFarlane (Ox)
2005Nicolas Alberts (Cam)
2006Steve McCauley (Ox)
2007Garrett Johnson (Ox)
2008Garrett Johnson (Ox)
2014Michael Painter (Cam)