The Achilles Medal

Two medals, usually for track and field events respectively, are awarded annually to the Achilles Club member adjudged by the Committee to have accomplished the best performances during the year.
1949R. G. Bannister (O.)T. D. Anderson (C.)
 Mile: 4:11.1Pole Vault: 12 ft. 10 in.
1950A. W. Scott (C.)T. D. Anderson (C.)
 400m Hurdles: 53Pole Vault: 13 ft. 3 in.
1951R. G. Bannister (O.)A. J. Burger (O.)
 Mile: 4:0.07.8Pole Vault: 13 ft. 3 in.
1952R. G. Bannister (O.)D. E. Tucker (O.)
 1,500m: 3:46.0Javelin: 204 ft. 11 in.
1953R. G. Bannister (O.)I. G. H. Walker (O.)
 Mile: 4:03.4Long Jump: 23 ft. 10 in.
1954R. G. Bannister (O.)D. E. Tucker (O.)
 Mile: 3:58.8Javelin: 216 ft. 7 in.
 C. J. Chataway (O.) 
 5,000m: 13:51.6 
1955C. J. Chataway (O.)W. B. L. Palmer (O.)
 Mile: 3:59.8  3 Miles: 13:23.2Shot: 53 ft. 1 1/4 in.
1956C. W. Brasher (C.)W. B. L. Palmer (O.)
 3,000m S/C 8:41.2Shot: 55 ft. 6 in.
1957D. J. N. Johnson (O.)A. G. Siler (O.)
 800m: 1:46.6Discus: 163 ft. 4 1/2 in.
1958P. B. Hildreth (C.)J. Kitching (C.)
 110m Hurdles: 14.3High Jump: 6 ft. 4 in.
1959D. J. N. Johnson (O.)J. Kitching (C.)
 1,50m0: 3:42.9Javelin: 232 ft. 6 in.
1960J. Metcalf (O.)R. A. Lane (O.)
 440 yds. Hurdles: 52.2Javelin: 243 ft. 10 in.
1961A. P. Metcalfe (O.)J. McManus (C.)
 400 m: 45.7Pole Vault: 13 ft. 7 1/2 in.
1962A. P. Metcalfe (O.)M. R. Ralph (O.)
 440 yds.: 46.2Triple Jump: 51 ft. 3/4 in.
 A. J. Wood (O.) 
 Marathon: 2:24:39 
1963J. P. Boulter (O.)M. R. Ralph (O.)
 880 yds.: 1:47.8Long Jump: 24 ft. 8 1/2 in.
1964J. P. Boulter (O.)M. R. Ralph (O.)
 800m: 1:47.1Triple Jump: 52 ft. 4 3/4 in.
1965W. A. Mottley (C.)S. B. Cohen (C.)
 440 yds.: 46.3Shot: 55 ft. 11/4 in.
1966W. A. Mottley (C.)M. Sharpe (O.)
   440 yds.: 45.0Long Jump: 24 ft. 1 1/4 in.
 A. J. Wood (O.) 
 Marathon: 2:16:6 
1967J. P. Boulter (O.)C. Pardee (O.)
 880 yds.: 1:47.3High Jump: 6 ft. 9 7/8 in.
1968T. F. K. Johnston (C.)C. Pardee (O.)
 6 miles: 27:22.2High Jump: 6 ft. 10 1/4 in.
1969J. P. Boulter (O.)P. A. de Villiers (O.)
 1,000: 2:18.2s.Decathlon 7,012 pts.
1970David Hemery (O.)Dennis Roscoe (O.)
 110 Hurdles: 13.6Discus: 54.08
1971David Scharer (O.)Dennis Roscoe (O.)
 400 Hurdles: 50.8Discus: 55.44
1972David Hemery (O.)Steve White (O.)
 400 Hurdles: 48.52Long Jump: 7.41
1973Phil Lewis (O.) 
1974Phil Lewis (O.)Chris Kidd (O.)
 01:46.3Pole Vault: 4.50
  Chris Melluish (O.)
  Hammer: 62.10m
1975Dave Roberts (C.)Chris Melluish (O.)
 100m: 10.4Hammer: 60.64
1976Dave Roberts (C.)Axel Salander (O.)
 100m: 10.2w/10.4Long Jump: 7.94
1977Julian Goater (O.)John Slaney (C.)
 10,000m: 27:55.2Triple Jump: 15.92
1978Not awarded 
1979Craig Masback (O.) 
 Mile: 3:52.02 
1980Sue Dalgoutte (C.)Dennis Roscoe (O.)
 400m Hurdles: 57.79Discus: 57.20
1981Julian Goater (O.)Sarah Owen (C.)
 5,000m: 13:15.59Heptathlon: 5538 pts.
1982Julian Goater (O.)Sarah Owen (C.)
 10,000m: 27:34.58Heptathlon: 5592 pts.
1983Julian Goater (O.)Trevor Llewelyn (C.)
 5,000m: 13:22.7High Jump: 2.20
1984Tim Berrett (O.)Phil McDonnell (O.)
 3 km Walk: 11:54.23High Jump: 2.23
1985Sally-Anne Hales (C.)Phil McDonnell (O.)
 Marathon: 2 :28:34High Jump:2.24
1986Trevor Burton (C.)Dwayne Heard (O.)
 400m Hurdles: 51.4Long Jump: 7.59
1987Jon Ridgeon (C.)Mike Powell (O.)
 110m Hurdles: 13.29High Jump: 2.11
 Sandy Duncan (O.) 
 Outstanding service to the Club 
1988Jon Ridgeon (C.)Mike Powell (O.)
 110m Hurdles: 13.52/13.45wHigh Jump: 2.16
1989Richard Nerurkar (O.)Phil McDonnell (O.)
 5000m: 13:27.86High Jump: 2.18m
1990Richard Nerurkar (O.)Gill Howard (C.)
 10,000mHigh Jump: 1.80
 Simon Mugglestone (O.) Andrew Geddes (O.)
 Mile: 3:58.9 Mile: 3:59.4
1991Richard Nerurkar (O.)Gill Howard  (C.)
 10,000m: 27:57.14High Jump: 1.78
1992Tim Berrett (O.)Tony Hatton (O.)
 50k walk 3:50:55Javelin
1993Richard Nerurkar (O.)Ruth Irving  (C.)
 10,000m: 27:40.03Long Jump: 6.17
 Marathon: 2:10:03 
1994Danielle Sanderson (O.)Ruth Irving  (C.)
 Marathon: 2:36:29Long Jump: 6.28
1995Richard Nerurkar (O.)Sarah Winckless (C.)
 Marathon: 2:11:03Discus: 52.58m
1996Richard Nerurkar (O.)Pierre Faber (O.)
 Marathon: 2:13:39Decathlon: 7,584 pts
1997Richard Nerurkar (O.)James Bierley (O.)
 Marathon: 2:08:36High Jump: 2.20
1998Mara Myers (O.)Clare Ridgley (O)
 National Cross-CountryPole Vault: 3.60
1999Rachel Jordan (C.)Pierre Faber (O.)
 1500m indoors:4:25.88iShot: 17.81
2000Tim Berrett (O.)Stephanie Cook (O. & C.)
 50k walk 3:52:48Modern Pentathlon
2001Donald Naylor (C.)Adrian Hemery (C.)
 3000m s/chase: 8:39.2Decathlon: 6,788 pts
2002Stephen Green  (C.)Ruth Irving (C.)
 400m hurdles: 50.96Long Jump: 6.25
2003Huw Lobb (C.)Robert Stinson (C.)
 Marathon 2:18:3; 10mi 49:16Outstanding service to the Club
2004Tim Berrett (O.) Andy Baddeley (C.)
 50k walk 3:50:21  Mile 3:56.13
2005Mara Yamauchi  (Myers)(O.)Katharine Streatfield (C.)
 Marathon 2:27:38Triple Jump 12.43/12.69w
2006Hatti Dean (O.)Garrett Johnson (O.)
 3,000m s/c 9:51.12Shot  20.84
2007Mara Yamauchi (O.)Phyllis Agbo (C.)
 Marathon 2:25:41Heptathlon 5716 pts
 Andy Baddeley (C.) 
 1500m 3:34.74 
2008Andy Baddeley (C.)Garrett Johnson (O.)
 1500m 3:49.38Shot 20.94
2009Mara Yamauchi (C.)Phyllis Agbo (C.)
 Marathon 2:23:12Heptathlon 5952 pts
2010Hatti Dean (O.)
Grace Clements (C.)
 3000m s/c 9:30.19Heptathlon 5819 pts
2011Hatti Dean (O.)Emma Perkins (C.)
 3000m s/c 9:37.95High Jump 1.83
2012Julia Bleasdale (C.)Emma Perkins (C.)
 10000m 30:55.63High Jump 1.89i
5000m 15:02.00 
2013Luke Caldwell (O.)Ben Moreau (O.)
 5000m 13:29.24Marathon 2:15:52