About the Achilles Club

The Achilles Club

The Achilles club has a long and distinguished history dating back to its formation in 1920 (more details on the history and the present can be found here).

The structure and rules governing the Achilles Club (the "standing orders") can be downloaded in PDF format.

Download Achilles Club Standing Orders

These orders describe how the club is run and provide set rules for the athletics matches that the Achilles club is involved with on an ongoing basis. These include:


The Varsity Match

The US Transatlantic Series

The Varsity Field Events Match (FEAR)

The Varsity Relays Match (FEAR)

The Freshers' Match

The Achilles Schools Relays

Joining The Achilles Club

Blues, Half Blues, Cross Country, Marathon, Relay and Field Event Colours, Alverstone, Centipedes, Alligators and Millipedes representatives, and a limited number of other athletes recommended by the University Presidents, are invited to join the Achilles Club. Please contact the Membership Secretary for an application form.